Children Ministries

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Georgia Thompson, Director of Children’s Ministries
Lauren Stroh, Director of Children’s Choirs

Children are our most precious gifts from God. It is an awesome responsibility that God has given us to help them grow into faithful Christian adults. St. Peter’s provides a safe, loving, and consistent environment in which children are able to learn and develop their personal relationship with Jesus. We believe that community is essential in the lives of children, and make it a priority to provide an atmosphere where all children feel included.

St. Peter’s Kids Schedule for Sunday Mornings

Christian Formation Schedule for Children & Youth

Infant Nursery

Ages 6 weeks- 17 months
Babies will listen to Bible stories, hear music and participate in interactive play.

Toddler Nursery

17 months-35 months
Children will participate in a variety of centers that include Bible stories, music, playing outside, community time (snack), art, and free play. 

The nurseries will be open from 7:45 am. until 12:30 pm. each Sunday. You are welcome to drop your child off at any point that you need childcare while attending services, Christian formation or any other activities at St. Peter’s.

Godly Play

All 3-5 year olds are invited to participate in Godly Play, a unique Christian Formation class designed just for them. This year we also have a separate Godly Play class for our 1st-2nd graders. Godly Play incorporates hands on materials, personalized artwork, and a quiet atmosphere in which children self-pace their exploration of the age-old stories of God's people. Above all, it is a time set aside specifically to nourish the young child's own relationship with God. Come Play with us! 

3rd-4th Grades

Older children will focus on learning about the church, serving others, and building community. They will spend time working together and learning from each other as they strengthen their relationships with Christ. The 3rd-4th Grade class uses the Whirl Lectionary curriculum from Spark House that connects kids with church life.

Community Building

Having a safe and welcoming community is a huge part of attending church. It is so important that our children feel that their church community is a loving and inclusive place. In order to foster relationships amongst our children, they need time to visit with each other in an unstructured environment.


All snacks provided by St. Peter’s will be nut- free and gluten-free. If your child has a different allergy, please notify Georgia Thompson, our Director of Children’s Ministries and try to send them with their own snack. It is our top priority to keep your child safe!

Active Learning

In addition to developing your child’s faith and providing them with a chance to get to know their peers, we also feel that it is important for children to participate in hands-on and project-based activities. Children will have a specific time to participate in active projects that include music, games, art, and service projects.

Please contact Georgia Thompson, our Director of Children’s Ministries, at for more information. 


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