Feb. 19 Lincoln and Love

Feb. 19 Lincoln and Love
We are given the choice to forgive or hold a grudge, to love or to hate. Choosing hate is risky. Hate is invasive. Once it gets a foot hold, it spreads. It oozes up through the cracks in sidewalks and through the mortar between our kitchen tiles. The ooze sticks to the soles of our shoes and we track it everywhere we go. It comes into the house on the bottom of a pair of workbooks and leaves the house on a kindergartners light up sneakers. Remember, Jesus’ words from the cross—“Father forgive them, they do not know what they are doing.” When we can pray “Father forgive him” when someone has left a stinging welt on our cheek or on our heart, then we are following Jesus. Audio: Feb. 19 Lincoln and Love Readings (Epiphany VII)

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