Jan. 29 - The Foolishness of the Cross

Jan. 29 - The Foolishness of the Cross
The cross of Christ is viewed by many today as foolish, but it was also viewed that way in the 1st century; a stumbling block to both Jews and Greeks in the apostle Paul's day. A cross was a symbol of execution - shameful, derisive and a sign of weakness. Yet Paul repeatedly reasoned and proclaimed the good news of Jesus from the standpoint of a crucified Christ. Human reasoning on its own terms looks at Jesus on the cross and deems it foolish. But the wisdom and power of God by means of the Holy Spirit convicts the hearts of unbelievers and skeptics alike to the truth that God chose what is lowly and despised in the world to bring about genuine faith. Audio: Jan. 29 - The Foolishness of the Cross Readings (Epiphany IV)

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