July 2 - The Work of the Kingdom II

July 2 - The Work of the Kingdom II
Those hearing Jesus knew that offering a cup of cold water was a sign a great hospitality. So when you give the metaphorical cup of cold water to a person who is thirsty - thirsty for love, for meaning, for acceptance, for justice, for God - you are serving Christ. That cold water may be your money, your talent, your skill, your time, or your love and compassion. Remember you are giving away something that does not belong to you anyway - it was given to you. The cup of cold water that you offer is not your cold water; it is Christ’s, bought and paid for on the cross. We are to offer it to everyone we meet, right down to the little ones. Audio: July 2 - The Work of the Kingdom II Readings (Fourth Sunday after Pentecost Proper 8)

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