June 4 - Day of Pentecost

June 4 - Day of Pentecost
Pentecost is the feast of the Holy Spirit, who we believe dwells within us as a gift at baptism and guides us through life. But we have to pay attention in order to follow the Spirit's lead--that means that we need to kindle the flame through prayer and reading the Scriptures and serving others. What would our lives be like if we paid as much attention to the Spirit of God that dwells within us as we do to our busy schedules or our worries? Audio: June 4 - Day of Pentecost Readings (Day of Pentecost)

Sunday - 8:00 AM - Rite I

Sunday - 10:30 AM - Rite II

Sunday - 5:00 PM - Evening Prayer

Wednesday - 12:00 PM - Rite II

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