March 5 Wilderness

March 5 Wilderness
Did you ever notice that it was only after those 40 days in the wilderness alone that Jesus was finally tempted by the devil? Maybe we need to look at the wilderness itself. At different times we may find ourselves in a wilderness – loss of a job, standing at the foot of a hospital bed, going to a funeral of a loved one, fractured relationships, or you find faith difficult in the face of so much doubt. Lent recognizes the wilderness; invites us to experience it and to see it as not only a normal part of the Christian faith, but also as an important, formative part of faith as well. My Lenten challenge to you is to carve out time this season to explore the wilderness experiences of your life. Remember: No matter who we are or what we have done, no matter if the wilderness is of our own making or not, Jesus is present in the wilderness with us and can lead us through it and out of it. This is our Christian hope and faith. Audio: March 5 Wilderness Readings (Lent I)

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