March 19 Danger and Dams

March 19 Danger and Dams
My grandmother’s house was on the steep banks of Housatonic River. The waters of the Housatonic flow from Massachusetts, through Connecticut, and into Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. There isn’t a dam at the end of the river. The freshwater is meant to mix with salt water in an estuary that is teeming with life. Living waters flow from the cross, through us, and out into the world. We are meant to share the living waters, not keep them to ourselves behind a dam that we construct. Like the Samaritan woman, we are to tell people about Jesus and his living water. We can use words or actions to do this. As St. Francis said, “Preach Jesus, and if necessary use words.” Audio: March 19 Danger and Dams Readings (Lent III)

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