March 6th - The Prodigal Son

March 6th - The Prodigal Son
The word "prodigal" has been tagged with a negative meaning of wasteful, but it can also mean excessive, extravagant, profuse, lavish. The father in the parable of the prodigal son was prodigal in his love to the son who lost everything; the father's love was shown in his running to his son, publicly welcoming him back into the family and even throwing a party to celebrate. His love for the older son, who was angry and resentful, refusing to join the party, by going out to plead with him to join the family celebration. The question: are we interested in becoming like the father in showing extravagant love to the world in our daily lives? Our only faithful answer is "Yes!" We can do nothing else because we are recipients of God's prodigal love. Audio: March 6th - The Prodigal Son Readings (Fourth Sunday in Lent)

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