March 13 - Perfume

March 13 - Perfume
Lazarus has recently been raised from the dead. He's having a dinner at his home and Jesus is the guest of honor. While Lazarus' sister Martha serves dinner, Mary, his other sister, pours out $30,000 worth of nard on Jesus' feet and rubs it into his skin. Nard is an exotic, aromatic oil. Judas points out that the $30,000 that was spent on the nard, could have been used to help the poor. He has a point but Mary bought the nard in anticipation of having to anoint Jesus' body for burial. The treat of death hangs heavy in the air. Mary could almost hear the sound of a hammer striking nails into a cross on Golgatha. Mary decides to use the oil while Jesus is still alive. This is one of the few times in the Gospel that we see someone tenderly caring for Jesus' instead of the other way around. Soon enough, Jesus will be back to caring for the world. His own love will flow from the cross to you and me. Audio: March 13 - Perfume Readings (Fifth Sunday in Lent)

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