Dinner Circles

It has been said that hospitality is vital not because of the food shared but because of the word shared. It is our belief that this is why the Dinner Circle ministry is such an important part of our community at St. Peter’s. Breaking bread together is something we do each Sunday, and we can carry the Eucharistic experience out of church and into our homes by using the Dinner Circles as a tool. When we meet with our group we have the opportunity to listen, to share our journey, and to tell how St. Peter’s became our church home. An added benefit is that we get to eat great food, tell jokes, and put some names with faces we did not know.

Dinner Circles consist of 8-10 people who meet once a month for 3 months. Typically the groups meet in each other’s homes for a potluck supper, but the meeting style is open to whatever the group feels like doing! After the 3 month period new groups are formed, but you can request to be added to a group at any time. At St. Peter’s there’s always room for more!

Feel free to sign up as substitutes. We will then encourage the Circles to draw from the substitute list when an regular member has to drop out for illness, travel, etc. reasons.

For more information, contact Craig and Sally Fowler at sallyeast@yahoo.com