The Gathering

The Gathering at Thanksgiving Square

The Gathering is a ministry of the homeless of Dallas led by the Episcopal Diocese. Each Sunday
one of the churches in the diocese provides a priest for the church service and/or a meal to approximately
80 homeless people.  The service is held outside at Thanksgiving Square in downtown Dallas. 

Three times a year St. Peter's provides a meal of fried chicken, canned vegetables, homemade rolls, 
cookies, and bottled water.  St. Peter's parishioners can purchase food, or assemble lunches, or drive into
Dallas to worship and serve lunch.  Once or twice a year St. Peter's parishioners also provide hats, scarves,
backpacks, blankets, or travel size toiletries.

The next date is February 5, 2017.  We will go back in June and October.  

Contact: Heather Biehunko at

Sunday - 8:00 AM - Rite I

Sunday - 10:30 AM - Rite II

Sunday - 5:00 PM - Evening Prayer

Wednesday - 12:00 PM - Rite II

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